Patient Reviews

"My 16 year old son just had three of his wisdom teeth pulled by Dr. Andersen and had an excellent experience. The appointment went very smoothly and my son expressed to me he was so happy it didn't hurt during the extractions - he had been a little nervous even though he knew he would be numbed! Dr. Andersen made him feel relaxed and comfortable! Would highly recommend Lake Bellevue Dental Care - the staff is amazing as well! Five stars!!!!"  
-  Hjordis Madsen-Bower

"Like most people, I hate going to the dentist. After my first appointment with Dr. Andersen and his team this all changed. I was very nervous, but they made me feel comfortable by using clear communication and humor. During the visit I was asked questions and able to ask my own, I was told what was happening and why, and what I might expect later down the road. Leaving the office I felt relieved, more knowledgeable and excited for my next visit!"  
-  Savannah Holman

"Dr. Andersen and his clinical staff are AMAZING!!  I have moderate dental phobia (since a horrible experience when I was 10), so needless to say I am quite reluctant to visit the dentist.  My M.D. recommended Dr. Andersen to me last year because he was concerned about my oral health and the possible heart conditions it can exacerbate. I called his office and was greeted by Kara. She was so friendly & knowledgable!  She was able to check on my insurance and pre-auth my coverage before I made the appointment! Dr. Andersen's office is beautiful and VERY clean. The view of the lake makes you forget you are in a dental office! Dr. Andersen is so personable and made my laugh on several occasions (no gas needed). He explained the treatment procedures to me so I could understand what was about to happen... Dr. Andersen is the best communicating clinician I have ever been treated under!  The injection was near painless (best shot ever!!) and did not feel any pain during the fillings or deep cleaning.  Had ZERO sensitivity with the white fillings, I was able to eat ice cream the next day pain-free for the first time in 8 months!!  I will be a patient of his FOR LIFE.  I urge other people to give Dr. Andersen a try and he will change your perspective on how dentistry should be!! 
Thank you Dr. Andersen!"  
-  Adam H.

"This is probably the best visit to dentist I have ever had. I was surprise how thorough an exam Dr. Andersen did. My previous dentist didn't even show me pictures of my teeth or explain what were on the x-ray!! The staffs were also very friendly. He took time to explain what treatment I needed and how to keep my teeth healthy. It is so hard to find Doctors who take time to know their patients! I had couple of cavities and needed fillings. The treatment was quick and painless. He will be my family dentist from now on for sure. Absolutely recommended for anyone who seek quality dental service."  
-  Myphuong Truong

"Before visiting to Dr. Andersen I thought I would never meet any honest dentist, who just want to heal the problem instead of focusing on bank balance..... A strong comforting Positve Aura around him gives so much more than just comfort... First I thought to share my experience just after dental surgery then paused and thought about after effect ! I am ammazed to see it is not as I thought or heard the experiences of my friends. it was more better than I thought it would be. All thanks to Dr. Anderson.. If I would be given a chance to stick to this extraodinary Dr. I would never take another chance in my life... A very spcial thanks to Dr. Anderson And all the staff..."  
-  Vandana Jha Thakur

"I had a great experience with Dr. Anderson. He was very helpful and made it simple to under stand what I needed to have fixed with out trying to sell me all kinds of other stuff I didn't need. And they have a great staff very kind and funny made me feel welcome. I would highly recommend them to anyone."  
-  Ron Bernal

"Anyone who is afraid to go to the dentist should give Dr. Anderson a try. I am a professed dentalphobe. I was an anxious, nervous wreck when I came into his office. I explained my fears with which he was sympathetic. He set up a communication system so that anytime I felt I needed a break, he would stop what he was doing and allow me to regroup. My appointment went a 1/2 hour over schedule. Dr. Anderson was not concerned one bit about the time, only that I felt comfortable in his office. I cannot overstate the confidence I have in his skill and his patient care."  
-  Erica Snyder

"I hadn't been to a dentist in ten years when I started coming to Dr Andersen, and he got all of my dental damage -- including two crowns, two wisdom tooth extractions, and a LOT of fillings -- done in three appointments, one of them on a Sunday because I couldn't make it in any other day. No stress, even with a mouthful of dental equipment."  
-  Carter Taylor

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